Here are the songs that you need to practise for our concert at Loddon Valley; click on each file to hear either the music on its own or the music with words.

Also on this page is a document with the words of all the songs.


Downloadable Files

1 Instrumental Climb aboard the train - WindowsMediaAudio(2.2 MB)
10 Instrumental Santa Claus is coming - WindowsMediaAudio(1.1 MB)
11 Instrumental White Christmas - WindowsMediaAudio(3.3 MB)
12 Rounds - WindowsMediaAudio(647 KB)
13 Climb aboard the train with words - WindowsMediaAudio(2.2 MB)
14 Riding Out with words - WindowsMediaAudio(2.2 MB)
15 Away in a manger with words - WindowsMediaAudio(2.1 MB)
16 Love Shone Down with words - WindowsMediaAudio(3.1 MB)
17 Baby Boy with words - WindowsMediaAudio(1.7 MB)
18 Instrumental Silent Night 2 - WindowsMediaAudio(2.6 MB)
19 Carol of the children with words - WindowsMediaAudio(3 MB)
2 Instrumental Riding Out - WindowsMediaAudio(2.2 MB)
20 Midnight with words - WindowsMediaAudio(3.1 MB)
21 Phillipine Carol with words - WindowsMediaAudio(1.8 MB)
22 White Christmas with words - WindowsMediaAudio(3.2 MB)
23 Instrumental Once in Royal Davids - WindowsMediaAudio(2.7 MB)
24 Instrumental God Rest You Merry - WindowsMediaAudio(2.9 MB)
25 Instrumental Hark the Herald - WindowsMediaAudio(2.4 MB)
3 Instrumental Away in a Manger - WindowsMediaAudio(2.1 MB)
4 Instrumental Love Shone Down - WindowsMediaAudio(3.1 MB)
5 Instrumental Baby Boy - WindowsMediaAudio(1.7 MB)
6 Instrumental Silent Night - WindowsMediaAudio(2.6 MB)
7 Instrumental Carol of the Children - WindowsMediaAudio(3.1 MB)
8 Instrumental Midnight - WindowsMediaAudio(3.1 MB)
9 Instrumental Phillipine Carol - WindowsMediaAudio(1.8 MB)
Loddon Valley music words - Adobe Acrobat PDF file(666 KB)