PE and Sports Funding

The school receive a grant from the Government to support PE and sports. We essentially use this money to employ a sports coach who assists with PE lessons in the afternoons, and in addition runs lunchtime and afterschool sports clubs to cater for all ages.

We   continue to supplement the cost of swimming lessons for pupils in Years 3  and 4. To further improve swimming lessons we took 30 pupils to swimming  during each session, reducing the number of pupils from 60 to 30 per session. This increased the amount of attention that pupils got from the swimming teacher, which impacted positively on the progress that they made in lessons.

Our Year 6 children achieved the following:

*  47 out of the 59 (80%) children can swim, 33 (70%) of those children are confident swimmers.

*  14 out of the 20 (70%) Pupil Premium children can swim, and 5 of the 14 (35%) are confident swimmers.

The confident swimmers can swim over a distance of at least 25 metres, and use a range of strokes effectively. In addition, they can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.


Have a look at the document below which details our expenditure on PE during 2017/18 and states our objectives for using the Government funding during 2018/19.

Downloadable Files