Special Educational Needs

At Whiteknights Primary School we closely monitor the progress and development of all pupils. Our processes are fundamentally inclusive and support is available for all pupils whenever needed.

All pupils with additional learning needs are identified as soon as possible and we follow a graduated approach to support by assessing the pupils? need, planning appropriate support, putting into place that support, and then reviewing progress.  If ongoing learning needs are identified class teachers work with the Inclusion Manager to put together a support plan that identifies effective strategies and interventions that will be put in place to support pupils? progress. These are shared regularly with parents and the pupils are involved in these meetings as soon as this is age appropriate.

A guiding principle behind our support for pupils is that they make the best possible progress in all areas when there is a strong supportive relationship between school and home. It is therefore important that if you have concerns about your child?s progress you speak to school - firstly through your child?s class teacher and then, if necessary, speak to the Inclusion Manager, Mrs Reynolds.

If you have any complaints regarding the handling of your child's educational needs, you should follow the procedure in our Complaints Policy listed in our policies (click here).

For a more detailed explanation of the resources we have available and how support is delivered please read and/or download the school SEND policy below which incorporates our Local Offer.

Alternatively, go to www.wokingham.gov.uk/lo to receive a full explanation from Wokingham Borough Council of what the Local Offer entails.

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