Our Handwriting Policy outlines how we teach handwriting at school.

To view our Handwriting Policy - CLICK HERE

 We have invested in a handwriting program called Letter-join to help the children with their cursive writing.

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Any of our pupils wishing to practise their handwriting at home can now log in to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. There you will find the same, easy-to-use handwriting resources as we use at school.


Simply go to www.letterjoin.co.uk and log in using the desktop log-in boxes. Log-in details will be supplied to you by staff.

Letter-join will work on the following browsers on PCs:

      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Opera

The developers do not recommend using Internet Explorer for Letter-join.


Go to www.letter-join.co.uk and select the Tablet Login button. Log in using details that will be supplied to you by a member of staff.

Letter-join will run on the following tablets:

      • iPads running at least iOS7 through the Safari browser,
      • Windows 8 tablets (8 inch and bigger) using the built-in browser,
      • Android tablets (8 inch and bigger) using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.


Once logged-in, you will be able to watch how to form all the letters of the alphabet using the same style that we use at school. You can then trace over the letters and words on your tablet and print out the worksheets from your PC for real handwriting practice.

We are limited to the number of users who can log in to this account, so please only log in with this username and password/swipe code for your own personal use.

Please see below a sample of our cursive alphabet (click on image to enlarge). 

Alphabet writing