Year 6

Please open and/or download the following detailed overview of what your children will be studying this year.

Year 6 is an incredibly important year for our pupils. Therefore we have expectations for home learning which are as follows:

      • Spellings: Pupils will have weekly spellings to learn (known as ‘Log and Learn’). They will need to practise these on their Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet (in their diary) and bring this to the Spelling lesson on Wednesday to review.
      • Reading: We expect pupils to read at home every day and record this in their diary with a brief comment. Please sign their diary each week in preparation for it to be checked in school. Please encourage your child to choose a book within their ZPD range (linked to Accelerated Reader programme) and to complete the Accelerated Reader Quiz within 24 hours of completing their book.
      • Maths: In Maths, it is vital that pupils develop their fluency in mental and written calculations. This includes being able to confidently and accurately use all four written methods (such as long multiplication and long division) as well as manipulating decimals, fractions and percentages. Pupils should therefore continually practise these skills. Pupils will also have an online MyMaths activity to complete each week.
      • CGP Practice Books: Pupils have been given CGP Practice Books (in Reading, Maths, and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) to complete. Pupils should complete one test in each book every week (please note, although the books are named ’10-minute tests’, pupils may need longer than ten minutes to complete these initially).

It is important that pupils learn to manage their time and develop their independence. Please ensure that your child adheres to the above deadlines as it is good preparation for secondary school.

Downloadable Files