School Admission - Reception to Year 6

Applications for places at our school are administered by the Wokingham Borough Council. Parents and carers must apply via Wokingham Borough Council through their website. Every year, the closing date for reception class applications falls on 15 January, and notification letters are sent out the following April communicating the result of the process.

Whiteknights joined BPET on 1 January 2022, this meant no formal consultation time was available to action the determined Admissions Policy for 2023-24 to bring the policy into line with BPET – now the Admissions Authority. Therefore, the over-subscription criteria used by Wokingham Borough Council has been honoured for applications for Admission in September 2023. Please read all documents when applying for a school place at Whiteknights.

Whiteknights Primary Admissions Policy 2023-2024
WBC co-ordinated admissions schemes and WBC admission policy 2023-2024
WBC proposed local in-year co-ordinated scheme 2023-2024
Whiteknights Primary Admissions Policy 2024-2025


Nursery Admission

Our Nursery admissions are handled internally, if you are interested in your child attending our Nursery please click on the link below.

CLICK HERE to view our Nursery Admissions Criteria.