Here are the songs that you need to practise for our WASMA concert coming up soon; click on each file to hear either the music.



Downloadable Files

MP3 01 The Element Song entry
MP3 02 The Big Bang Theory
MP3 03 Oh Dear Where Choir A
MP3 04 Its A Gas Choir A
MP3 05 Material World Choir A
MP3 06 Times Must Be Changing Choir A
MP3 07 Surf Surfin Choir A
MP3 08 The Dinosaur Gang
MP3 09 Walk The Dinosaur
MP3 10 Dem Bones Choir A
MP3 11 Lets Go To The Planets
MP3 12 Stars Choir A
MP3 13 We Done A Project On It Choir A
MP3 14 What A Wonderful World Choir A
MP3 15 The Element Song exit