Science at Whiteknights is taught through a range of different topics encompassing the biology, physics and chemistry strands.

The aims of science teaching are:

  • To understand scientific concepts
  • To develop [and deepen] scientific knowledge through the primary years
  • To understand different methods of scientific enquiry
  • To make links between processes and outcomes
  • To understand the significance of Science now and in the future

A range of skills are taught through Science lessons including:

  • Comparing and classifying into groups
  • Planning a test
  • Carrying out the planned test
  • Evaluating how well the test went [and how to improve next time]
  • Recording and analysing data
  • Observing change over time


Currently, we are privileged to have a Scientist in residence at Whiteknights. This year, Year 5 pupils will experience going to the lab and take part in experiments to supplement their in-class learning.  

Please see below the detail associated with topics we will be following within the Science Curriculum.

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