Year 6

Please open and/or download the following detailed overview of what your children will be studying this year.

Year 6 is an incredibly important year for all children in preparation for their tests in May. Therefore we do have expectations for home learning which are as follows:

  • Spellings: Children will have weekly spellings to learn, with a test on a Friday.
  • Reading: We expect the children to read at home every day and record this in their diary. For free readers, over the course of reading their chosen book they will need to complete a book review weekly. Diaries will be checked on a Friday.
  • Times tables: In Maths knowing your times tables is a vital skill. If your child does not yet know their tables thoroughly, please help them to learn them.¬†
  • Home learning is due in on a Friday. Children will need to choose an activity from their Home Learning Grid, and record their learning in their Home Learning book.

Please ensure that your child adheres to these deadlines as it is good preparation for secondary school.

Downloadable Files