Meet the Team

Head Teacher

Mr Walker

Mr Francois Walker

Our Assistant Heads

Mrs Connor

Assistant Head for Early Years

Little Gems Nursery teacher

Currently on maternity leave

ONeil Jul18
Mrs O'Neil

Assistant Head, Years 3 and 4

Teacher, Year 4 Jasper


Lever Jul18
Miss Lever

Assistant Head, Years 5 and 6

Year 6 Tigers Eye teacher

Dolan K Jul17
Miss Dolan

Assistant Head for Key Stage 1

Year 2 Opal class teacher

Reynolds July18
Mrs Reynolds

Assistant Head, Senco

Davidson E 14
Mrs Woodward

Acting Assistant Head, Early Years

Our Admin Team

Bater P L Jan17
Mrs Bater

Admin Assistant

HeathA Sept17
Mrs Heath

Receptionist - mornings only

CowellK Sept17
Miss Cowell

Receptionist - afternoons only

Our Finance Team

Foster J Oct 15

Mrs J Foster

School Business Manager

Chandler S May16

Mrs S Chandler

Finance Assistant