Meet the Team

Head Teacher

Mr Walker

Mr Francois Walker

Our Assistant Heads

Mrs Connor

English Hub leader

ONeil Jul18
Mrs O'Neil

Assistant Head, Years 3 and 4

Teacher, Jasper Class


Lever Jul18
Mrs Lewis

Assistant Head, Years 5 and 6

Year 6 Tigers Eye teacher

OLeary Aug19
Mrs O'Leary

Assistant Head for Early Years and Key Stage 1


Reynolds July18
Mrs Reynolds

Assistant Head, Senco

Our Admin Team

Bater P L Jan17
Mrs Bater

Admin Assistant

Cook L Nov19
Miss Cook

Admin assistant - mornings only

Hawkins K Nov19
Mrs Hawkins

Admin Assistant - afternoons

Our Finance Team

Chandler S May16
Mrs Chandler

School Business Manager

Finance Assistant

English Hub team

Hogg Sep15
Mrs Connor

English Hub leader

Bryant A
Mrs Bryant

English Hub deputy leader

Davidson E 14
Mrs Woodward

Specialist English Teacher