Whiteknights Primary School out performing other schools once again!

A data set sent to many school leaders has revealed the impact of Covid on the attainment of pupils. Although there have not been national assessments, many schools use a system called Target Tracker to record pupil data information. What have teacher assessments revealed? In this analysis the outcomes of Wokingham appear to be stronger than most schools in the data set. Within this information, Whiteknights Primary School has the strongest outcomes in almost every measure.

The outcomes of our pupils has remained strong because of the interesting and enjoyable curriculum we have developed over time. Our focus on teaching pupils to read continues to help pupils make exceptional progress. Of course, none of this would be possible without the talented staff we have at the school. I’m the luckiest headteacher to work with such a knowledgeable and professional team.’

~ Francois Walker

 Target tracker Results

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