Online Safety Tips from NOS

Whether you’re an internet newbie or a pro at surfing the web, it’s always important to keep online safety in mind.

NOS (national online safety) have pulled together a list of top tips to make it easier for you to protect yourself and your devices in the digital world - helping you steer clear of hazards like misleading information and vicious viruses. There’s never a bad time to refresh your internet safety knowledge, but it’s an especially smart thing to do before you start using any shiny new devices! Click on the image below to view and enlarged version. 

 Esafety flyer 09.01.2023

If you haven't already done so - don't forger to register with with National Online Safety (NOS). NOS provides valuable resources for all parents and carers. These resources include Parents & Carers courses, online video resources and weekly guides covering a huge range of topics. 

To create your account, please follow and submit your details. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer' as your user type and access NOS online via any device, including via the smartphone app (available on Apple / Android app stores).

*Please be sure to register your account as referred to in the link above before completing the course/s - this will aid our school in acquiring ONLINE SAFETY POINTS towards our online safety status.