Meet the Team

Head Teacher

F Walker

Mr Francois Walker

Our Assistant Heads

B Reynolds
Mrs Reynolds

Assistant Head, Senco

Hogg Sep15
Mrs Connor

Assistant Head, Early Years

M Cyrus
Mrs Coe

Assistant Head, Years 1 and 2


Lever Jul18
Mrs Lewis

Assistant Head, Years 3 and 4

Teacher, Year 4 Amethyst Class



Miss Couch

Assistant Head, Years 5 and 6

Teacher, Year 6 Tiger's Eye Class 

K O'Leary
Mrs O'Leary

Assistant Head 

(currently on maternity leave)


Our Admin Team

A Hobart
Mrs Hobart

Office Manager

Perry L Oct21
Mrs Perry

Admin Assistant - EYFS support

Mrs Dunford

Admin Assistant - Year 1, 2, 3, and 4

J Jensen
Mrs Jensen

Admin Assistant - Year 5,6 and SLT support

English Hub team

E Woodward
Mrs Woodward

English Hub leader

Kaur edited
Mrs Kaur

English Hub Administrator 

Alice Smith
Mrs Smith

Internal Literacy Specialist

J Margerison
Mrs Margerison

Internal Literacy Specialist