Our Local Advisory Board

Whiteknights Primary School is part of Bellevue Place Education Trust which is overseen by a Board of Trustees, known as the BPET Board. The trustees are highly experienced professionals, including education professionals, working alongside trustees appointed following a skills-based assessment. Each school that is part of the Trust has a Local Advisory Board which is comprised of parents, members of the community and the Headteacher.

The Local Advisory Board (LAB) meets four times a year and has a strong focus on three strategic functions:

  • *Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school, within the overall vision of the Trust.
  • *Holding the Headteacher and senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance management of staff; and
  • *Ensuring investment in educational improvement is value for money and having an impact.

The Headteacher has day-to-day responsibility for the efficient management of the school and members of the LAB and staff work together. It is our aim for all children to leave Whiteknights Primary School as independent learners with self-belief, abiding respect for others and the tenacity to pursue their ambitions. We strive to instill a lifelong love for learning and a strong grounding for future success. Parents have an opportunity to join the LAB as parent advisers when vacancies arise.

Visit the BPET website for information on BPET’s governance structure and how this oversees the strategic governance of Whiteknights Primary School.

Meet the Local Advisory Board


Fraser McCarthy (Parent and Chair)

Rhoda Agbamuche (Parent) 

Nina Edwards (Community)

Steve Curtis (Community)

Keith Grainger (Community)

Bridget Reynolds (Staff) 

Alison Attard (Community)

Helen Kean (Community)

Francois Walker (Headteacher)