Upper Key Stage Two team

Our Upper Key Stage Two team

R Couch
Miss Couch

Teacher, Year 6 Tigers Eye

Assistant Head, Years 5 and 6 


M Cyrus
Miss Cyrus

Teacher, Year 6 Ruby

Latin coordinator

Teale H July21
Miss Teale

Teacher, Obsidian Class

DT coordinator

Lane D Dec20
Mr Lane

Teacher, Year 5 Sapphire

Computing coordinator

B Neville
Mrs Neville

Teacher, Year 5 Emerald

Science coordinator

Mulford F July21
Miss Mulford

Teacher, Emerald Class

C Gleave July21
Mrs Gleave

Teacher, Onyx Class

Ms Kimonos

PPA cover for all Year 6 classes

H P Virmani
Mrs Virmani

PPA cover for Emerald and Sapphire classes