Student Community

We strive to encourage and develop leadership skills within our Whiteknights School Community and annually elect our pupil leadership team to fulfill certain roles and duties within the school. These pupils are elected by both peers and teaching staff. 


The role of a Prefect is a highly respected and very important one, not only do the younger pupils in the school look up to the Prefects as role models but they  support and assist in different aspects of school life. All Prefects will have general responsibilities as part of the Whiteknights team, this includes duties and support in specific areas on a daily basis as well as other roles throughout the year, such as assistance at events and School Open Days. 

Some of the qualities we look for in a prefect are:

- Good attendance 

- Dedication to their school work

- Consistently following all the Golden Rules

- A good role model for their peers

- Leadership skills

Library Assistants

Some Year 6 pupils assist with the running of the school library. This responsibility includes helping other pupils select books, keeping a record of books that are being issued to pupil  or returned to the library as well as tidying shelves and taking small groups of Reception pupils to the library on Fridays. 

Sports Leaders

 Sports Leaders are trained by Mr Garstang. The Training enables them to lead groups of pupils at lunchtime in games and small sporting events. 

2020-2021  Student Leadership Team

Head Boy :


Head Girl :


Deputy Head Boy :


Deputy Head Girl :






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