School Community

Our school community is diverse and we have many clubs operating both during the school day and after school.

We have introduced an initiative to help our Year 6 children take on responsibility and prepare them for secondary school. During their time in Year 6 they can achieve their Knight award by making contributions to the school. You can read more about this scheme by looking at the Year 6 Knights at Whiteknights page.

We have also this year appointed Prefects, as well as a Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. These children agree to a Code of Conduct which you can read below.

This honours the pupils who always give 100% to every task and always try to go the extra mile.    

Some of the qualities we look for in a prefect are:

- Good attendance 

- Dedication to their school work

- Consistently following all the Golden Rules

- A good role model for their peers

- Leadership skills.


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