School Association and Events

Your School Association works tirelessly to run events to enable the school to raise funds for school and our staff members - particularly Mrs Tripp - help from the school side of the association.

Their efforts have enabled us to erect a jungle gym for the Foundation Stage children, and in the past they have raised money for such major projects as:

  • Jungle Gym for Key Stage 2,
  • Jungle Gym for Key Stage 1,
  • New, colourful shelving for the library,
  • New outside study area/classroom for the children,
  • New Sensory Garden
  • Colourful benches in the playground,
  • and many other smaller projects.

They do have assistance from other staff members in their labours, but they require volunteers from our parents and carers community to ensure that future fundraising and school improvement can continue.

Please speak to your committee members at the school gate or leave your details with the School Office if you are able to lend a hand - any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated!