Year 6 Knighthood Programme

Along with academic studies, we help to prepare Year 6 for secondary school though our 'Whiteknights Knighthood Programme'.

In Medieval times a young boy was taken to live in a big household where he would first learn to be a page. This involved serving, training and learning skills. Once they had mastered this they then began their training to become a squire. A squire required strength, brains and being able to entertain, mastermind occasions and also to fight. At the end of this training, they were ready to become a knight. In addition to these skills, they were required to learn and live by the chivalry code.

In the programme at Whiteknights we have taken these principles and applied them to life in year 6, so that children need to complete various tasks of serving, training and learning skills and then move on to planning occasions to benefit the school or wider community, learning new skills to entertain and reflecting on themselves as people.

The programme ends in the summer term with a banquet where they finally become Knights of Whiteknights.


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