The School Day

We expect all children to be at school on time and collected on time at the end of the day.

If there are exceptional weather conditions that may affect the opening of the school, this will be posted on the school website, social media and confirmed to local radio stations as early as possible.

At the end of the day, we accept that on occasion that you will be held up and unable to be here on time. In such instances we ask that you contact the school office to advise of an estimated time of arrival. 

However, regular lateness is not acceptable; all late collections are recorded, and should your child appear on this list on a regular basis then initially you will be provided with a warning slip. Should the late collections continue then your child will be transferred to After School Club ten minutes after the end of the school day and you will be charged £9.50 for the session.


Start of day

School gates open at 8.30am. Pupils will be welcomed into class at 8.40am in order to settle in for their day of learning.


End of day

School gates open for pick-up at 3.15pm. Parents can collect their child/ren from class. Pupils in Reception through to Year 6 will be released from class at 3.20pm. 


Nursery collection times

Morning session - 11.30am

Afternoon session - 3.30pm  

If your child is in Years 3 to 6 and you do not intend to collect them from their classroom, please read the following information carefully.

Parents of pupils in Key Stage 2 (years Y3-6) are able to collect their children from the classrooms. This gives parents the opportunity to speak to class teachers if needed (1 person per family please). However, parents may also choose to grant permission for their child/ren to leave the school premises independently and/or meet their parents at the school gate or at the car.

This does not mean that all children in KS2 are ready to leave the premises unaccompanied. Parents need to consider their child’s age, maturity and independence levels, as well as the distance from the school and the safety of the route before making a decision regarding the suitability for any child to leave school without an adult.

To safeguard all young people in Whiteknights Primary School, if you authorise your child to leave the class unaccompanied, we will require permission from a parent/carer confirming this arrangement.

Walking home arrangements / permission can be granted through the ARBOR APP for parents. Please contact the office should you experience any technical issues regarding this. 

All children in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 to 2 must be collected by an adult. It is not appropriate for an older sibling in KS2 to walk them home.

If your child will be carrying a mobile phone with them, please ensure that the appropriate form (available from the school office or downloadable from this site) has been completed and submitted to the school office. Pupils are to hand in their mobile phone to their teacher at the beginning of the day and collect it at the end of the day. The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones brought into school. 


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