A Whiteknights mathematician will develop a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts that can be used in daily life. They will develop confidence in their ability to solve complex problems, use fluency facts and explain their mathematical thinking.

How is Maths taught?

We use a WhiteRose approach from Reception to Year 6. The scheme is designed to support a mastery approach that builds progression, year on year, whilst also revisiting previously taught concepts. It is designed so that all pupils have the opportunity to learn together by providing plenty of experiences to build reasoning and problem solving elements.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to build competency in every area of mathematics. We ensure this by following a CPA approach:


Concrete – children are given time to use resources and manipulatives to help them understand the concept.
Pictorial – children learn how to create pictorial representations that can be used to help reason and solve problems.
Abstract – children solve problems by using numbers and calculations.

How is Maths assessed?

Assessments are used from Year 1 as a way for pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. They are completed at the end of each unit (assessing their understanding of the current teaching) and at the end of each term (assessing their understanding of a range of mathematical concepts).


How can I support my child?
  • Singing number songs
  • Counting everyday objects
  • Practise forming numerals
  • Spotting and naming shapes together
  • Regularly practising times tables
  • When shopping, asking your child to help add up the prices or estimate the total


Useful resources:


Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy - White Rose

Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy - White Rose