Celebrating World Poetry Day: Inspiring Creativity and Expression

21st March 2024

Every year on March 21st, the world comes together to celebrate the beauty and power of poetry on World Poetry Day.

Poetry transcends boundaries of language, culture, and time, weaving together words into melodies that resonate with the soul. From ancient epics to modern verses, poetry is an integral part of human expression; reflecting the diversity and depth of human experience.

We were thrilled to celebrate our budding Year 6 poets, who’s poems are being published in a YoungWriters.co.uk  publication. What a perfect way to mark this occasion especially following World Poetry Day.

The poems crafted by our Year 6 pupils will be showcased in the Young Writers publication titled 'Once Upon a Dream - Rapt by Rhyme', with a copy remaining in the National Archives of the British Library, ensuring their legacy endures. Each pupil received a beautiful certificate and bookmark commemorating this momentous occasion.