Empowering Eco Warriors: Year 3 Delve into Dramatic Eco Learning

29th February 2024

This week, both classes in Year 3 embarked on an immersive journey into eco-consciousness through a dynamic Drama Eco learning workshop. From discussions to hands-on activities, the children delved into the realm of sustainability, renewable energy and the crucial ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse - all aimed at making a profound impact on biodiversity and our environment.

The workshop not only provided an opportunity for pupils to showcase what knowledge they have gain during their eco-learning in class, but it also offered a chance to gain a deeper understanding of various renewable energies and our interconnectedness with the planet for sustenance and nourishment.

Throughout the session, children actively participated in engaging games and freeze-frame activities, allowing them to creatively express and solidify their learning. From brainstorming ideas to explaining their rationale, each activity fuelled their enthusiasm and deepened their comprehension of the critical importance of environmental stewardship.