Enchanting Moments: Reception Pupils Perform for World Nursery Rhyme Week

1st December 2023

Reception pupils celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week by learning and performing two rhymes, highlighting the event's focus on early childhood development. These timeless tunes serve as versatile teaching tools, fostering language, literacy, numeracy, and various social, physical, and emotional skills.


Reception Nursery Rhyme Perfomance

Did you Know?

Nursery rhymes transcend traditional classrooms, making them highly portable forms of play. Through fingerplays, rhymes, chants and songs, children immerse themselves in valuable learning experiences. This includes language development, enhancing vocabulary, articulation, voice modulation, and pronunciation effortlessly. 

Counting is seamlessly integrated into rhymes, helping children grasp mathematical concepts. Stories and songs also explore size, weight and other math-related words, laying the foundation for future math understanding. Rhymes become the building blocks for creative dramatisation, empowering children to express themselves confidently.

To continue the fun at home, we've included some twinkl resources.


Twinkl Nursery Rhymes Booklet