Stage Stars Shine Bright: A Spotlight on Drama Club Performances

26th March 2024

Lara’s School of Drama had a fantastic Spring term  - pupils enrolled in Drama Club delivered two exceptional performances this term. Year 1 & 2 captivated audiences with extracts from 'Robin Hood,' while Year 3-6 presented a heartwarming adaptation of 'Charlotte’s Web.' Each child exhibited dedication, mastering lines, dances, and rehearsals in anticipation of their final showcase. Given the cancellation of our previous rendition of 'Charlotte’s Web' due to COVID-19, seeing it come to fruition was particularly gratifying.

Looking ahead to next term, the excitement continues as Year 3-6 will enchant us with 'Mary Poppins', while Year 1 and 2 embark on a magical journey with 'The Lion King'.

With only a few spots remaining, interested participants are encouraged to contact Lara promptly to secure a place.