Understanding the Human Circulatory System: A Year 6 Science Journey

2nd May 2024

This term, Year 6 pupils are immersing themselves in the intricacies of the human circulatory system.

Our mission? To explain the main features of the circulatory system, from identifying its components to understanding its functions and beyond.

Pupils will explore the impact of various factors on our circulatory system - from the influence of diet and exercise to lifestyle choices – gaining a holistic understanding of how external factors intersect with our internal biology.

This week, we had some hands-on fun activities, where pupils assumed the role of red blood cells, envisioning themselves traversing through blood vessels, delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell and facilitating the removal of waste products, such as carbon dioxide, through the lungs. We look forward to embedding our newfound knowledge and uncovering more fascinating facts about the workings of the human body.