Year 3's Journey Through Time: Exploring Butser Ancient Farm

18th October 2023

What an extraordinary day Year 3 experienced this past Tuesday! The sun graced us with its presence as we embarked on a fascinating journey back in time to the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age periods. At Butser Ancient Farm, we were transported into the past with an array of splendid replica roundhouses and structures that allowed the children to immerse themselves in the reality of prehistoric life. Our knowledgeable guides regaled us with captivating facts and intriguing details from eras long gone by.

As we gathered around an authentic crackling fire, the children had the unique opportunity to handle Stone Age tools and they even laid eyes on an Iron Age toilet, thankfully, not in operation!

The adventures didn't stop there - the young explorers embraced their creativity as they crafted and adorned clay pots, designed their own rings and assumed the role of archaeologists, where they embarked on an excavation mission. With shovels in hand, they carefully excavated a small plot of land, unveiling a treasure trove of artifacts, ranging from ancient bones and finely crafted flint tools to ceramic fragments.

The day was truly an enriching exploration of history and hands-on learning - we left with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the incredible civilisations that preceded us. We cannot wait to dive into more adventures like this in the future.