Year 5 Home Learning Project: Growing Crystals

22nd April 2024

Over the Easter break, Year 5 pupils were immersed in an exciting science project. Throughout the Spring term, they delved into the properties of materials, focussing particularly on reversible and irreversible changes of materials. To conclude the term, pupils were tasked with a home learning project: growing their own crystals.

The results were nothing short of spectacular! Year 5 brought in some amazing projects, showcasing a diverse range of crystals they had grown at home.

Crystals are not only fascinating but also scientifically intriguing. Did you know that each crystal has a unique geometric shape determined by the arrangement of atoms within?

The home learning project not only allowed children to apply their knowledge of material properties but also sparked their curiosity and creativity. It was truly inspiring to see the level of engagement and enthusiasm from all pupils.