The learning in Nursery is split into the seven areas of development; each day consists of a range of activities including:

  • Registration and finger gym (fine motor skills)
  • Phonics (Read Write Inc.) Playing 'fred' games to encourage word blending moving onto RWI picture card recognition
  • Topic Story / Lesson Time
  • Child Initiated Time
  • Snack Time
  • Maths - number blocks 
  • Child Initiated Time
  • PSED - becoming familiar with our 'Golden Rules' - and time to think about what they mean for us in nursery
  • Story Time and Singing
  • Physical Development - focus on development of gross motor skills, specific skills taught and practiced in small  groups
  • Lunch Time
  • Plus, many more fantastic learning opportunities.
Outdoor area

Our outdoor area has been designed for pupils to have access to a range of different activities to meet the 7 areas of development. The jungle gym promotes physical development, the house is designed to encourage communication and language and role play. We learn maths, literacy and build our physical development further through the sand and water play. We have a mud garden which we use to grow plants, watch them develop and sometimes we get to taste what we grow. A variety of mark making activities, with different tools, are available throughout the day. Children can access all areas and resources to develop their imagination, independence and build on their own experiences.

Reading areas

There are dedicated reading areas inside the Nursery and outside in the garden. We use this space to listen to and act out stories, share books with our friends or enjoy some quiet reading time. We have books in all areas of learning. In the outside reading area, we often have characters from the story we are reading to help us tell the story.

Authors we study

We spend time together enjoying stories from a range of authors. We enjoy listening to traditional tales including Goldilocks and the three bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man. There are many other stories we enjoy linked to our topics such as Percy the Park Keeper, Farmer Duck and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We role play as the characters and join in with the words.


We have visitors who come to talk to us about our learning. The librarian comes to talk about books, the PSCO comes to speak to us and we take a visit to the local church. In the Summer Term, we are visited by an expert in minibeasts with his collection of animals.

Please open and/or download the following detailed overview of what your children will be learning this year.