National Wraparound Care Programme - WBC Survey Invitation

20th March 2024

In the Spring Budget of March 2024, the government pledged £289 million over two academic years for a national wraparound childcare programme. This initiative aims to assist families with primary-aged children who require access to childcare services from 8am to 6pm.

The National Wraparound Childcare Programme will cater exclusively to children in reception to Year 6, Monday to Friday during term time. The goal is to ensure childcare availability aligns with the needs of working parents, facilitating full-day work schedules, including travel time. However, adjustments may be considered based on local data reflecting specific labour market patterns.

Wokingham Borough Council has received funding from the Department for Education to expand their programme in response to local demand. Parents can anticipate increased access to wraparound childcare starting from September 2024. By 2026, all primary school-aged children's parents and carers , who require it, will have access to term-time childcare services (paid for by the parents) from 8am to 6pm, supporting employment and enhancing labour market participation.

To ensure effective implementation, Wokingham Borough Council invites parents and carers to participate in a questionnaire. Your input will provide valuable insights into the type of support needed. Additionally, where parents do not currently utilise childcare services, feedback on any barriers preventing parents from doing so will also be greatly appreciated.

Feedback submissions close on the 25th March 2024.